what is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for people with certain conditions that lead to natural variations in the brain which affect the way we think, process, learn and behave.

Our brains function differently than people without these conditions (also called neurotypicals).

Neurodiversity ia disability but not everyone experiences it as a disability. Some, like us, experience it as: difference, identity, gift, superpower.

why freelance works the best

Freelance enables us, as neurodivergents, to be the most creative and productive versions of ourselves. Our working structure incorporates accommodations for ourselves which take both our strengths and limitations into consideration. Some days we hyperfocus and work 12 hours a day, while other days we can’t get inspiration and work 1 hour a day. Freelance gives us the freedom to decide our own hours and rules, while our strengths keep us in line to get work done on time, without having our clients worry about the amount of work that gets done each day as they would for their employees.

why are some letters bolded?

Bionic reading is a new typeface that facilitates the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points. It is a gamechanger for neurodivergent readers as it enhances comprehension on the first-time reading a text.

how we complement each other

Līva and Manya have complementing strengths. Līva is more entrepreneurial and a sales-oriented person who enjoys expressing herself through words to engage and connect with people, whereas Manya is all about the artistic visual storytelling journey – ranging from website design and graphic elements to extraordinary animations – that show her inner workings. We respect each other’s way of working and unique input which is at the core of every successful collaboration.

how we overcome limitations

A few examples of our limitations and how together we get around them:

  • While ADHD makes us prone to make mistakes, we always check each others’ work before handing it in to ensure that everything is in order.
  • While Līva iexpressive, Manya excels in grammar and formal writing. After Līva finishes her written piece, Manya comes in and adds the finishing touches for the project to be sealed.
  • Although Manya struggles a bit with verbal communication, Līva excels in it and is always ready to take charge in business meetings.

what we request from clients

In our partnerships with clients, we strive to be completely transparent and request them to be so too in order to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible. This can include, for example, being clear on instructions, being clear on any preferences or requirements, providing us the brief and instructions in a written form, etc.

why the outer space theme?

At LIMA Studio, we want to create our clients’ dream visions while adding a touch of our inner universe through our works of art – whether that be writing or visual design. Our ideas bend the ordinary reality which describes the brand perfectly: an extraordinary outer space perspective.

why call it a superpower?

We perceive our neurodiversity as a difference more than a disability. Our neurodiversity provides us with a unique perspective and other powerful strengths that make us stand out from the neurotypical crowd. These are especially exceptional skills in a creative field like marketing which is why we view them as our superpowers.

who is our target audience?

LIMA Studio is for all minds – neurotypical or neurodivergent. Since we, as a brand, use our difference as our superpower, our target audience includes entrepreneurs who are open about mental health and willing to view it as such too.

how much do we charge?

We do not work with a generic price list. The cost of each project depends on the type of service needed, the number of elements that need to be created, and certain details of the project itself. We will only be able to provide you with an accurate quote after discussing the project with you and between ourselves.

how long do the projects take?

Timescales completely depend on the brief you provide and how many elements need to be created. If you have a specific deadline, please tell us before the start.

how do we calculate our hours?

We use Toggl to track our hours which we report on this sheet to our clients.